Easy Trivia Questions

Easy trivia is the easiest way to get into trying out your knowledge of all things academic and pop culture. This page contains a selection of our easiest trivia questions and answers. These simple quiz quesitons will provide plenty of fun for kids, families, and everyone.

Who Is Easy Trivia Good For?

Easy trivia questions are great for testing the knowledge of kids and seniors, especially. Often, our easier trivia for children will be about animals, movies, and basic facts that an elementary aged individual will know. That means this section of trivia would be a good spot to pull questions for quizzes and activities in the classroom, or to make games to play. The categories our trivia typically fall into in the easy trivia section include pop culture trivia for kids, movie trivia for kids, and trivia questions about animals. This is not an exhaustive list, of course. All of the trivia in the easy section are G-rated and suitable for all audiences.