Movie Trivia Questions

Films buffs rejoice! Your time to shine has come. Our movie trivia questions and answers will quiz your very knowledge of cinema throughout history and all genres.

What is Movie Trivia?

Well, we're glad you asked. Movie trivia is just that! It's questions and answers all about movies in various genres such as horror, comedy, Christmas movies, Disney movies, etc. Try out our movie trivia questions with your friends to see which one of you is the sharpest cinophile. Our movie trivia will also include questions from films both new and old, so dust off your movie memory.

Movie Trivia for Kids

The movie trivia listed above is friendly for readers of all ages. Keep in mind that the trivia does include, however, questions from films of various decades and genres that may discourage younger readers. We recommend that kids interested in trying their hand at some excellent film trivia go to our Disney trivia page.