Entertainment Trivia Questions

Enjoy the latest selection of our entertainment trivia questions and answers from various decades and industries. Peruse our trivia questions across a broad array of entertainment-related topics such as actors, film, TV, books, and more.

Entertainment trivia questions and answers are those questions that pertain to anything entertainment. This may be in the industries of film, television, social media, music, and much more. Not only will entertainment trivia include these various industries, but questions may come from all angles and ask about the actors, directors, writers, locations, and events surrounding entertainment. For example, we may ask who wrote a given book or we may ask in what year a given movie was released. It's up to us! You just have to open your brain and show us the full compendium of entertainment knowledge you have undoubtedly racked up over years of being a consumer. We aren't judging! Just enjoy our entertainment trivia and keep coming back for more!

Easy Entertainment Trivia

Easy entertainment trivia is a question that most people off the street could answer...or at least a reasonable minority of your average Joe’s out there. If you took these trivia questions to your typical night out at Applebee’s, they would please the crowd and put points up on the board. Keep yourself or your trivia pursuers engaged by mixing some easy questions in with the more challenging trivia.

A question will be marked as easy if we think that at least 1 in 3 people could answer it. We will run the questions by ourselves, friends, and family as well as look at what our audience is saying about the easy entertainment trivia questions.

Adult Entertainment Trivia

Adult trivia in the entertainment category are those questions that pertain to TV shows, movies, or songs whose content is related to a body of work that is adult oriented. This may, for example, include a question that asks about a song with parental advisory, or a question about a film which has an R rating or higher.

Trivia will be marked as adult oriented entertainment questions if the question asks about a film, show, or song that contains adult content and the rating of that piece of work reflects it. The MPAA, PAL, and similar organizations review and rate entertainment; fortunately these ratings are readily available online when looking up the work behind an entertainment trivia question.

Adult entertainment trivia is best for...that's right! Adults. If you are a child or are presenting our adult trivia to children, please do so with caution.