TV Trivia Questions

TV trivia is a the ultimate test of what we all know best...television. So Trivia's selection of tv trivia questions is a great place to start testing your TV knowledge in one place. Try out a mix of trivia questions from classic television all the way to modern times.

More on TV Trivia

The most popular television trivia questions are from the 21st century. Trivia-goers love to search for questions from the shows they have been watching most recently. With the introduction of Netflix, we are all deeply knoweldgeable about shows like The Office and The Big Bang Theory (yuck), as we binge watch television programming via the Internet. I bet most Internet goers can tell you the name of Jim's fictitious office Olympic games or the sigil of the Stark family. If this is you, you are in the right place! Television trivia just happens to be one of our expertises. We have a great selection of TV trivia questions and answers from 2016, 2017, 2018 and so on, and we implore you to give them a try. Our 2000's trivia question selection is top notch!

If you are more into the classics, we have many questions that would classify as classic TV trivia. This will include trivia from shows that are more familiar to the older viewers amongst us. They may inspire memories of TV dinners, small screen sizes, and absurdly long commercial breaks.

Regardless of what type of TV facts you are into, go forth and test the thousands of hours of mindless entertainment we've all been habitually drilling into memory. This is our time to shine!